Your phone system is the most powerful tool for your business. It's the first point of contact with your customers - Take advantage of 101 VOICE to inform, guide, and help navigate your customer through your phone system.

We provide professional voice recording service and music track options to use for your organization. Customize your IVR/Auto-Attendant, Greetings, and Music on Holds today!

Music on Hold $150 per track + $35 setup fee

Choose a track for your Music on Hold and customize it to add the following information to it:

  • Your products, services, etc.
  • Special sales, events, or promotions
  • Your website and social media
  • FAQ
Greetings $50 per message + $15 setup fee

We provide professional recordings for your Greetings - Perfect for special events, voicemail, or announcement.

Great for people who work from home or in sales.

IVR/Auto Attendant $99 + $15 setup fee 90 word script maximum*

We have professional recordings in different languages for your IVR/Auto Attendants - Perfect for connecting your customers to the right department.

Great for businesses and organizations with different departments.

After designing your call flow, you can write your scripts for each IVR and order to record.

Proofreading & Editing $40 per 90 words

Need help fixing the flow of your messages? Is your script too long? Our expert script team can proofread, write, or edit your scripts to meet your organization's requirements.

Pricing and Fees
MoH $150 per music track, per message
Greetings $50 per music track, per message
IVR/Auto attendant $99 per 75 words
PROOFREADING $40 per 90 words
Editing $30 per 75 words

Please note that:

  • This special service is only available to 101VOICE customers and cannot be transferred to any other PBX system
  • We will start working on your order after receiving your payment
  • Production may take as 4 days and dependent on voice actor availability